Angel Group Syndication

The Outsourcing Angels welcomes collaboration and syndication inquiries from other angel groups who are considering Outsourcing and Services (O&S) deals. OA will consider participation in the evaluation of these opportunities and due diligence teams, as well as potential OA member participation in funding. OA’s members will consider hands on roles with O&S portfolio companies and potential portfolio companies if requested by other Angel groups.

OA members also welcome interest by other Angel groups in participating in deals sourced by OA.

OA realizes that members of each angel group believe in their group’s approach to deal analysis, due diligence, valuation and deal terms. OA is receptive to participating rather than leading in these processes if desired by potential syndication collaborators.

To discuss working together or a potential deal opportunity, please contact OA’s Managing Director, Barry Wiegler by clicking here or phone (478) barryw1.