Congratulations on progressing with implementation of your ideas for a new, profitable services company. If you would like to explore obtaining support from OA, the first step is to complete and submit the Support Request Application. Our initial screening committee will review your application, contact you with any questions, and determine whether it might be beneficial for your company and OA to proceed with discussions. Please note that you should not provide OA with any confidential information, as neither OA nor its members will sign Non-Disclosure Agreements for initial proposals, of which we receive many each year. If there is sufficient interest, there is the possibility for an NDA to be negotiated at a later time.

If OA decides to proceed with discussions with your company, we will work toward defining funding and/or a package of services that are mutually beneficial. OA does not charge a fee to receive and review Support Request Applications. OA’s members do achieve a return on their investments for your company’s benefit of funds and/or their time through one of more of the following:

  • Interest on loans
  • Appreciation of acquired stock
  • Stock received for services
  • Money for services